Assured + Well is a different kind of vision-planning experience.

Uncover your dreams. Develop your sustainable plan. Change your world.


Assured + Well is the full-day, live intensive designed for creative entrepreneurs to find clarity, develop confidence in their art and create their own path to pursue their life's most honest work.


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3 Reasons Why Assured + Well is Different


Our Content is Different. When it comes to goal-setting or chasing your dreams, what is traditionally taught is that when you accomplish the dream, check off the goal, make the thing happen - you will be happy. But what is neglected is the life, the process, the work between each milestone and finding happiness there. 

As creatives we are process-driven beings. We love not only our finished work, but the making of the work. To set goals, or plan a vision focused only on arriving at the outcome goes against our nature. And, leads to comparison, burn out and vision confusion.

Assured + Well is about 'doing the things,' but the things that matter and are true to us. It's about enjoying the journey and thriving in the process. At each intensive, you are required to be honest with yourself in not only what you want, but how you want to get there. The true formula to sustainability and constant creativity.

Our Methods are Different. Lectures, presentations and speaker testimonies can be a huge help to providing high-quality education. However, they can create more noise in your search for clarity and refining your dreams. There is a tipping point when gathering education becomes something to hide behind in fear, rather than apply and take action.

When seeking truth and taking action, the ideas have to originate from you. And, the action must be taken immediately, not later.

At Assured + Well, the strategic and direct exercises are designed to derive self-generated inspiration. And instead of waiting to take action after the intensive, we take action together, immediately. Something truly different from any other experience.

Your Post-Intensive Experience is Different. Life after this experience is different from other workshops and conferences. You don't leave with another long list of things 'to-do' for your business to forget about the next day. You don't leave emotionally exhausted, unsure of what just happened. You do leave exhausted, but in the best way, and with a plan.

But don't take my word for it. Her's one of the real emails I received after the latest Assured + Well intensive:


"I just want to say a big THANK YOU once more for the time and emotion you invested in each of us yesterday. I am honestly better now because of it all. I see more clearly and feel more focused on myself and my dreams (which has been extremely hard for me to truly feel, let alone say out loud). I'll treasure the experience forever."


Who Should Attend Assured + Well?

Creatives who want to pursue their life's most honest work.


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