"I had the opportunity to partake in a shortened version of Assured + Well at a retreat. It was a truly wonderful, eye-opening presentation that allows you to look deep into your heart, your vision and your why. I honestly loved it so, so much." - Katherine Schmoyer, wedding designer and conference host


"Katie asked really tough questions and made me dig and dig and dig to the core of why I do what I do. That helped me not only plan for the future, but construct the message I want to communicate through my marketing efforts." - Kirstie Jones, photographer


"Assured + Well helped my business grow in clarity. Katie's teachings on intentionality helped me to reorder, mentally, what is truly important and what is not. This meditative practice and process has served me daily." - Annie Jones, writer


"I loved my time at Assured + Well. I think any time there is a pause in the daily routine and crazy of life, it brings understanding and peace to what you're doing. Taking this time helped me refocus and rewrite my goals and values. I also loved that Katie mentioned not believing in balance, there's just seasons and ebbs and flows. It helps when navigating the days." - Michelle Leach, photographer


"I felt like Assured + Well helped me determine what I want my life to be marked by. This gave me some freedom in business, meaning my life doesn't have to be marked by my business. I could shut it down if I wanted and still be successful and pursuing the things I desire." - Meredith Speer, floral designer


"Absolutely wonderful and amazing. It was also exhausting both mentally and emotionally but has stuck with me since. Katie really pushed to the deep spots that resulted in truth and clarity. Thank you. You spoke to my soul." - Ashley Takacs, jewelry designer


"Surprising (in a good way) and very informative about where I was at and where I was headed. It helped me realize that I could start over. And I did!" - Christina Scalera, legal consultant to creatives


"I really enjoyed Assured + Well and came away very inspired. I also remember being excited to spend some time doing internal reflection on the session and applying it to my own life, business and experiences.I thought a lot about legacy after the session and what that meant to me and my business. I believe the session gave me clarity on a number of issues." - Sara Moore, movement founder and community leader


"Assured + Well helped ME in my business, which has greatly helped my business. Since attending, I've simplified, streamlined and clarified areas of my business that were providing me stress and unhappiness. It also helped me fall back in love with the work that I do, and identify what my true joy is - rather than the way I'm currently expressing it." - Irene Hardy, creative director


"Assured + Well is a unique and beautiful day that helps you narrow in on your vision for this season of your life and/or business. It helped me think through how I would feel if my business went away and it helped me realize my passion for it when I thought it was gone." - Jenny Collier, blogger and shop owner


"Assured + Well was such an intriguing experience. I learned things about myself that I don't think I could have learned as quickly otherwise. Katie didn't set out my life plan, but she made me dig deep into my soul to find out what I believe my true dream and purpose is, and then how I should pursue it. Assured + Well help me actually FIND which direction my soul really wanted, and how to pursue that not topically, but intentionally and wholeheartedly. It made me feel like I could pursue my dreams in a tangible and sustainable way, because she helped us search deep on steps we could actually take right then to become what we felt called to do. My biggest takeaway from the Assured + Well experience was that I must stop the comparison, and to always search deep into my being to find what my true vocation should be and how to pursue it wholeheartedly." - Leah Musgrove, photographer


"The Assured + Well experience was thought-provoking, challenging, engaging, and a little uncomfortable. It will force you to get out of your comfort zone, let go of insecurities and open up. Great for someone who needs to find their path or purpose in their work... It made me feel like I could pursue my dreams by believing in myself and taking people's opinions out of the equation." - Wendy Bobarikin, photographer


"Assured + Well truly gave me the tools to dig deeper when it comes to my creative work- it forced me to ask the hard questions and really dive into the WHY'S of what I do. It was really what I was looking for in terms of clarifying my vision for my work. I honestly feel really empowered after attending this intensive. It helped me realize what was truly important to me, and what is unnecessary and stressful. I feel like I have actual action steps toward achieving my goals." - Katie Allen, community gathering designer


"Thought-provoking, difficult, but insanely necessary (which I didn't even know!) and helpful! Assured + Well helped me get past all the "fluff" of my business and hone in on the specifics I needed in order to run my business well." - Kelsey Moore, photographer